Affordable Spin Bikes For Outstanding Indoor Cycling

People, who look for an outstanding piece of cardio exercise equipment, should take a spin bike into consideration. Despite such indoor bikes often are called expensive, there are remarkably solid ones on the market for an affordable price. One example is the Proform 290 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer.

Spin bike training simulates authentic biking better than any other home exercise bike. The flywheel technology makes it possible to mimic a real bike ride with momentum and inertia. Users can model different inclines by turning a knob. Avid outdoor bikers love those bikes to stay in shape during bad weather phases, but they are suitable for everybody.

Even the prices are affordable for everybody. A Schwinn, the flagship of indoor bike brands, is on the market for 1,000 to 2,000 Dollars. That fits for many people, but it might not be the right price category for beginners. They have other options too.

For some inexperienced people, it makes sense to join a spinning class before buying a bike. Fitness centers and yoga studios offer such classes, where people perform indoor spin cycling in groups, led by a professional instructor. This training is mostly energized by upbeat music and light effects. The training is fun, and a lot of attendees want to continue such cardio exercise at home, but they do not want or cannot spend too much money for a bike.

Good news for them is that some brands offer incredible spin bikes which are affordable even for limited budgets. Short glimpses on the lower end of the price scale let us discover at least two solid products, the Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike and the ProForm 290 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer. Reviews on these products show a great customer satisfaction. Just 2 minor drawbacks a potential buyer should know. First, both bikes do not seem to fit for people less than 5’3″ tall. Second, some people say that the saddle is uncomfortable, but most of them take it with humor and solve this little problem with padded biker shorts or a cushion. Otherwise, both home bikes are extremely praised for assembling as well as for outstanding cardio exercises at home; and the best: Even with list prices around 600 Dollars, both bikes are offered for slightly less than 300 Dollars in the Internet (April 2011), which is affordable for almost everybody.

Regular cardio exercise at home on spin bikes are extremely beneficial. An energetic ride of about one hour strengthens the heart, lungs and burns approximately 500 calories. That boosts weight loss and makes weight control easy. Regular slower one hour rides support a healthy fat reduction. The options to imitate a ride in a hilly country while listening to favorite music or watching a biking DVD, taken in a wonderful area, is fun and fabulous for body and soul.